Spongebob Nickelodeon Repreve Navy 9FIFTY Cap (LAST STOCK)

PHP 2,295.00

REPREVE 100% Recycled Fabric

REPREVE is a leading recycled fiber made from plastic bottles. To ensure that products made with REPREVE are traceable, transparent and environmentally responsible, it utilizes its proprietary U TRUST™ verification program. U TRUST is a third-party, comprehensive certification program that is designed to provide REPREVE customers with a high level of transparency. As part of the U TRUST program, it uses FIBERPRINT™ technology, a unique tool allowing Unifi to analyze fabrics and products for the FIBERPRINT signature and certify the level of REPREVE content.

“The synergy between REPREVE and New Era Cap represents one of incredible quality and performance, along with a commitment to eco-friendliness,” said Mark Maidment, vice president, creative for New Era Cap. “Not only does New Era Cap value environmental consciousness, but consumers are also increasingly looking for products with a transparent sustainability story. Through its U TRUST program, Unifi helps us deliver a trustworthy, environmentally responsible cap.”

SKU: 04301209
Style: 9FIFTY
Color: Navy
Collaboration: Spongebob

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