New Era Essential Cap Cleaning and Accessories

New Era Cap is known for its headwear, but other than that, the brand also caters to every cap collector’s needs and wants.


Clean is In

Looking for ways to keep your caps clean? Worry no more! New Era Cap Cleaning essentials got you covered!

Say goodbye to dark spots and stains with New Era Cap Eraser Cap Cleaning. As a collector, you will surely see the difference once your favorite caps are cleaned.

If your cap does need a real cleaning, you can use the New Era Cap Brush. It is the perfect gentle tool for brushing off lint and dirt from your favorite caps. Designed specially to remove deep-seated dirt with its gentle brush. You will have the peace of mind that your coveted New Era Cap is well-taken care of during its cleaning.

A Mask is a Must

Cleanliness is next to godliness, but next to it is being stylish yet comfortable. The New Era Mask comes in various designs of your favorite team’s designs and the New Era logo on the side. Just like the iconic New Era Cap that you prefer, the New Era Mask comes in a perfect match to your everyday use.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Wanting to bring your caps with you while you travel? Keep your caps safe and protected in a New Era Cap Carrier. A necessity when you're always on the go or in need of storage for your caps.

It even has an EVA Foam that is highly durable and sturdy - helpful to withstand strong forces.


Stay Cozy & Cool





Complete your overall look with a pair of New Era Socks. It keeps you comfortable and cool anywhere you go. The New Era Socks are designed with a half-cushioned footbed for comfort and stability.

Stick with You



Through New Era stickers, you can carry the logo of the brand anywhere you go. Stick it in your bag, laptop, notebook - name it and it’s all up to you!
These sticker packs are a good way for cap fans to express their support. Take note that it is not a visor sticker. It is a circular sticker which is a bit larger than the standard visor sticker.



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