Whang-Od Oggay or Maria Oggay born on February 17, 1917 the Philippines' legendary tribal tattooist (Mamababatok) has continuously practiced the tradition of Kalinga’s tattoo practice that depicts the province’s rituals.

Keeping the tattoo tradition active has been an immense challenge for Whang-od. Her culture believes that being a “mambabatok” can only be passed down to blood relatives.Though Whang-od does not have children of her own, she has made sure to pass the practice down to her grandnieces by training them to master the art of tattooing.


The Face of Women Empowerment




Throughout her contributions, she was honored with the Dangal ng Haraya award. This award recognized Whang-Od for her valuable contributions for the preservation of Butbut Kalinga traditional tattoo while garnering greater attention to Philippine traditional arts and practices.


Her dedication to her craft led to the intensifying of pride not only in the local community but in the nation as well, and fostering greater recognition and reverence for indigenous knowledge and practices, and for Filipino culture in general, by forging new ways in the appreciation and understanding of traditional tattoos.


She is recognized internationally for her tattoos, as both Filipinos and foreigners visit her, and adore her traditional practice in the art of tattoo. With hospitality connected to her family history, she is always amiable and gracious, welcoming and accommodating villagers and visitors alike. People of Buscalan regard Whang-Od with respect and pride.




New Era Cap Philippines reveals a second collection for Whang Od, and has secured all the legal matters and licenses. Supporting Filipino artists through a collaboration is one of the brand’s core values to further help other artists to gain further recognition.


The New Era x Whang Od Collection focuses on Apo Whang-Od’s portraits being artistically featured on its cap designs and merchandise. Her portraits in the collection are more than a visual representation but also reveals her essence as a joyful, colorful and a well respected elder in her village.


With this collaboration, it serves as a way for more Filipinos, and people around the world, to understand her contribution to Philippine traditional arts.


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A Century of Excellence


Just like New Era Cap celebrating its 100th year of authenticity and excellence, Whang-Od also has lived a meaningful century with her fruitful contribution in keeping the age-old tradition of Kalinga’s form of tattooing, despite the competition in modern techniques of this body art.



As a brand and a company, New Era Cap Philippines is proud to feature Whang-Od and to collaborate with her. She has dedicated her whole life to her craft as she continues the art form and stands as its living archive which only she holds memory and mastery of. She also served as one of the pillars of our vibrant Filipino culture and living traditions. Her commitment in cultural preservation leaves a distinct mark in Philippine history, which creates and completes our distinct national identity.


Truly she is an inspiration to each one of us, and has shown that the passion and love for one’s craft knows no age and has no boundaries - with this she is truly a FIT FOR GLORY.











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