Let's Play Some Golf!

August 01, 2017

It’s that time of the month again where we encourage you and your friends to go golfing! Call your friends, neighbours and family, take them out on the golf course and teach them a thing or two about golf. Come along and celebrate golf month with New Era!

How to Celebrate Golf Month:
There is no other simpler way than going out, feeling the sun under your skin and playing some golf! Here are some of the things you can do:
• Splurge- Play on a new golf course and enjoy a new set of teeing ground, views and people. Treat a friend, or your dad and mom!
• Go to charity tournaments- Have that burning desire to help other people. Make sure that money is well spent!
• Bring your kids- We know you have your fixed set of golf friends, but why not bring your kids for a change? That’s a new family bonding for you.
• Learn golf lessons- It’s never too late to learn something new. Start now.
• Enjoy nature- Walk instead of renting a golf cart. You will be surprised how refreshing it is!
• Clean it- Clean your golf gears and golf clubs, bring out the meticulous version of you! It will be nice to see clean and shiny clubs.

Why Play Golf?
It is sometimes hard to look for a spare time to exercise. We forget that our health is our priority. Most of us are slumped in our chairs working 8 hours a day.
Did you know that sitting for that long is equivalent to smoking? Yes, even though we don’t smoke, by simply being dormant causes our health to decline.
When we play golf, we allow ourselves to go outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and have long walks that will improve our cardio and burn a lot of calories.
Not only does it burn calories, it also boosts happy hormones which reduces stress levels, normalizes the mood, and prevents depression. Because of the open space, the green grass, and the sun, golfers tend to be more relaxed and prepared to face more challenges in the work place.

New Era Golf Collection
Don’t forget to wear a head gear while playing golf in order to protect yourself from the rays of the sun. New Era Golf Collection have perfectly engineered caps that will help you to perform better during your game. New Era offers the following caps for our Golf collection:

                                                                                                       New Era Golf CS Belloasis Black 9TWENTY Cap

New Era Botanical Golf Black 9FORTY Cap                   New Era Golf CS Belloasis White 9TWENTY Cap                      New Era Golf CS Belloasis Black 9TWENTY Cap
PHP 1,895.00                                                                      PHP 1,795.00                                                                                    PHP 1,795.00                                     
Style: 9FORTY                                                                     Style: 9TWENTY                                                                              Style: 9TWENTY



These are excellently crafted, and accurately created headwear for those who require the best of themselves and their equipment. Wearing appropriate golf gear protection caps will give other golfers a competitive advantage over others who are struggling in the heat without proper protection.

You are not just making a fashion statement, but you are also protecting your eyes and skin from the heat of the sun.

Shop for New Era Golf Hats and Caps today. Browse a great collection of New Era Golf headwear and merchandise, from fashion styles to golf gears.