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Straight out of the road and down the runway, streetwear clothing in the Philippines has definitely shaken up the fashion industry, with time evolving from cool to chic, and classy to couture. What once was an outward expression of hip hop and punk has now become a universal and iconic style spanning several lifestyles and influences, specifically sports like skating and surfing.

Yet despite its laidback, comfortable and everyday-wear qualities, streetwear fashion Philippines is not exactly easy to pull off. As with any unique style, much of the swag and panache that come with urban streetwear stem from the wearer’s attitude and confidence. When all else fails, the following tips can help you pull off any streetwear clothing:

● Do your homework. Whether by following the most popular streetwear profiles and celebrities on social media, or simply browsing through the Internet for the latest and trendiest urban fashion and streetwear brands Philippines, the first step to learning how to dress in streetwear is to find an outfit inspiration that you can adopt and adjust according to your individual style.
● Keep it simple. Less is more with mens streetwear fashion Philippines, so avoid excessive layering, or mixing and matching loud prints. Don’t overdo your accessories as well. You can achieve a basic street look by pairing your regular skinny jeans and sneakers with a plain, oversized shirt. From there you can add to your outfit based on your feeling and liking.
● Start from below. When styling mens urban clothing Philippines, a good idea is to start with your sneakers, then slowly work your way up to build your outfit. Depending on your choice of shoes, it becomes easier to choose which style of tops and bottoms will best complete your look.
● Stay far away from the hypebeast culture. With mens streetwear Philippines, what’s at-the-moment cool and trendy are not exactly timelessly fashionable. Stick with brands and styles you know and personally love, instead of automatically going for trendy items. Whatever style of fashion, it’s always important to be yourself.


Since its first collaboration with Spike Lee in 1996, New Era has become the go-to brand for sports attire and mens streetwear online in the Philippines. It has since seen numerous collaborations with the movers and shakers in varying industries and cultures, including television, gaming and fashion.

Over the years the company has reached several milestones, from becoming the official court cap of the NBA and NFL to becoming one of today’s top streetwear online store in the Philippines. It is currently home to premium-quality urban streetwear and athleisure that perfectly balance unique style and comfort.

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