New Era Cap Philippines Takes a Sustainable Leap


New Era Cap Philippines Takes a Sustainable Leap:
Reducing Plastic and Packaging Waste

In a world where environmental sustainability has become more than just a buzzword, New Era Cap Philippines has set a new standard in the streetwear and lifestyle industry. With a firm commitment to reducing plastic waste and packaging materials, our brand is ushering in a new era of eco-consciousness. In this article, we'll delve into the innovative sustainability initiatives and explore how we are reshaping the e-commerce and retail landscape.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Made from Recycled Plastic:
New Era Cap Philippines has made a mindful effort in addressing the issue regarding plastic waste through our sustainable packaging campaign. We have lessened the use of existing materials to reduce their impact on the environment by using recycled plastic, maintaining the high quality, security, and visual appeal.

Reducing Plastic Waste in E-Commerce:
In today's phygital world, packaging materials are everywhere. Regrettably, the e-commerce boom has caused a surge in plastic waste. Yet, New Era Cap Philippines is together and accepting the change by using recycled plastic in our packaging, promoting a circular economy. This method actively engages us in recycling, reducing our dependence on harmful virgin plastics and preserving our natural resources. By embracing sustainability, New Era Cap Philippines is not only setting a new industry standard but also contributing to a significant reduction in plastic waste on a global scale. Shop Online to experience:

World Sustainability Day: A Call to Action
To mark World Sustainability Day, New Era Cap Philippines is undertaking further initiatives to reduce packaging waste and promote environmental awareness.

In our retail stores, we are offering discounts to customers who opt for reduced packaging, encouraging consumers to be part of the solution. A promo from October 27 to 29, 2023, will kickstart this campaign. We will be giving P50 off when you bring your own tote bag/paper bag. This will eventually lead to a transition where we will charge for packaging by January 2024. By introducing these changes, New Era Cap Philippines is striving to create a more conscious and environmentally responsible consumer base. Visit our stores to learn more:

Highlighting Sustainability Products and Supporting Sustainable Projects:

New Era Cap Philippines is commiting to a whole new level. Our retail stores are set to become the first in the world to feature 100% sustainable recycled in-store fixtures. This initiative is scheduled to launch in Siargao in November 2023, and it showcases the brand's dedication to not only selling sustainable products but also creating a sustainable shopping environment.

To reduce the environmental impact of disposable gift certificates and vouchers, New Era Cap Philippines is introducing a reloadable and reusable key fob. This multifunctional accessory will serve as both a collectible and a practical tool for purchasing and gifting. The new gift card system is set to launch in December 2023, giving consumers a sustainable alternative to traditional gift cards.

Our commitment to reducing plastic and packaging waste in both e-commerce and retail operations is a testament to our dedication to the environment. As a brand that's known for its style and innovation, New Era Cap Philippines is proving that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand, inspiring not only their customers but also our industry peers to embrace eco-conscious practices. It's a new era for the Philippines, one where fashion meets a greener, more sustainable future.

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