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New Era Cap Philippines Takes Pride in Whang-Od’s Original Tribal Collaboration

New Era Cap Philippines, the leading headwear provider and originator of the true fitted, releases its final line featuring the designs of Apo Whang-od Oggay - recognized as the oldest living traditional Kalinga tattoo artist.

The New Era x Whang Od Collection, is part of the brand’s continuous effort to highlight the icon’s legacy and personal style in order to preserve Filipino identity.

The similarity between New Era Cap Philippines and Whang-Od is its commitment in being authentic. Both with a century of experience serving in their respective industries, along with its firm dedication to provide all-Original designs that lives on - which every Filipino can take great pride in.

All of which can be seen evidently on New Era’s intricately crafted designs and headpieces.




Each design was provided by Apo Whang Od herself specifically for this collaboration.
She patterned each design with each of New Era Cap Philippines’ brand values – Individuality (Original), Collaboration (Tribe), Authenticity (Real) and Pride.

The LIMITED EDITION and PHILIPPINE EXCLUSIVE line features the 59FIFTY Fitted, reversible bucket hat, 9FORTY A-Frame Trucker, 9FORTY Adjustable, and a New Era Shirt - all printed and embroidered with significant symbols personally designed by Whang-od.



The Original Whang Od Black Adjustable Bucket Hat represents Individuality (Original). The first side comes in black and features the word “O.rig.i.nal” centered on the hat. All embroidery on this side, including the New Era flag with a glow-in-the-dark feature.

The other side comes in khaki and features an all-over embroidery in red, green, blue and yellow of the tattoo design.

According to Apo Whang Od, this design and all other designs used for the collaboration are original designs owned by the Butbut tribe. It represents Individuality because initially, these
designs were worn only by members of their tribe to be able to represent their own.




The Tribe Whang Od Black 9FORTY A- Frame Trucker Snapback comes with a Velcro patch on the front panel featuring another tattoo design created by Apo Whang Od. Underneath the Velcro patch is the New Era box logo.

The graphic on the patch represents Collaboration (Tribe).

The design features 2 mountains and is said to represent their tribe’s place of origin. There are currently around 30 Tribes in Kalinga, however, only 4 of them, namely the Butbut, Lugtog, Mibat and Bugnay tribes are represented by each line on the mountains.

According to Apo Whang Od, these 4 tribes all used to consist of only 1 big tribe before they moved mountains.

On the right panel is an embroidery of the word “TRIBE” in bold details.


According to Apo Whang Od, the design embroidered on the New Era Real Whang Od Tonal Black 59FIFTY Fitted Cap represents Authenticity and rich heritage since it came from her body herself and emphasized that she and the Butbut Tribe created these designs themselves.

Her three-dot signature is embroidered on the right panel of the cap, while the word “REAL” is sandwiched all over the front of the Visor.



Another 9FORTY silhouette included in the collection is the Pride Whang Od Glow In The Dark Black 9FORTY Adjustable Cap.

The style comes in all black and features a tattoo design created by Whang Od based on a fern and the wordmark “PRIDE” embroidered on the front panel. The cap represents New Era Cap Philippines’ brand value “Pride”.

This specific tattoo is a fern design typically placed on women of their tribe. They wear this tattoo with pride because only the Butbut tribe does this and they are proud to represent their own with this tattoo.

An embroidery of Whang Od’s three-dot signature is embroidered at the rear panel and it is important to note that all embroidery found on the cap, including the New Era flag are glow-in-the-dark.


The 4 designs were used to outline the New Era flag found centered in front.

New Era will include a Limited Gift with Purchase exclusively for customers who will purchase the Three Dot Signature Whang Od Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

The Gift with Purchase is the actual tinik sourced from Buscalan (bamboo stick with pomelo thorn) used and handcrafted by Apo Whang Od, her nephews, and the Butbut Tribe.

Each style will come with a special box corresponding to a tattoo design and brand value.

Customers can collect all styles in order to spell out the “Whang-od” wordmark once all boxes are complete.

A portion of the sales from the New Era x Whang Od Collection will go directly to the Butbut Tribe. To further help the development of the Butbut Tribe.


Head on the nearest New Era store, or order online via neweracap.ph

New Era Philippines has been collaborating with Apo Whang Od since 2019.

As a brand and a company, New Era Cap Philippines is proud to feature notable artists like Whang-Od and to collaborate with her. Whang-Od has dedicated her whole life to her craft as she continues the art form and stands as its living archive which she holds memory and mastery of.

This 2022, New Era releases their 3rd collaboration wherein Apo Whang-od herself created and designed (4) four symbols for New Era, each symbol has been reviewed and approved by the NCIP and all the 30 tribes in Kalinga, Mountain Province. The 4 symbols created represents the brand's values through Whang-od's stories -- INDIVIDUALITY, COLLABORATION , AUTHENTICITY, and PRIDE.

New Era Philippines has shown commitment to support and uphold Filipino artists, not only with Whang Od but also other local artists that we have collaborated namely - Ben Cab, Francis M, Gloc-9, Kamikazee and more.

*All designs, symbols and contracts between New Era Cap Philippines and Apo Whang-Od have been reviewed, approved and certified by the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP).

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