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Learnings from Tampa Bay’s Victory

Each Super Bowl provides various sensations: happiness for many fans, sadness for others or disappointment for those who expected to see their favorite team contesting the championship.

Recently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the champions, but beyond the result, there is also an atmosphere of nostalgia.

Beyond that sentiment, the Super Bowl always leaves us with lessons from the victory of the Buccaneers and the remarkable Tom Brady.

1. That Todd Bowles' defense made history
Brady's performance certainly caught the spotlight of the night, but don't forget that Todd Bowles' brain and leadership played a huge role in this game.

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2. That is the first time that an NFL team has won at home
Tampa Bay hosted Super Bowl LV, something that had already been determined since last year. And the Buccaneers became the first team to reach the final and win the championship at home. With this title, the franchise conquered its second Vince Lombardi in its history.

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3. That Leonard Fournette was on fire
If you talk about how the Buccaneers defense was decisive, so was the performance of Leonarde Fournette, who surprised everyone with a 27-yard touchdown run.

The curious thing about this feat is something very rare to see in a Super Bowl game, since only 10 power brokers have managed to do it in all of history.

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4. That Rob Gronkowski is Brady's best ally
If you are a true fan of this sport, then you will remember that one of the most powerful pairs in the league was that of Montana-Rice, who with the 49ers destroyed their rivals in the postseason and managed to achieve a good amount of touchdowns.

Last Sunday they managed to finish precisely one of the records of that duo, as Tom Brady and Ron Gronkowski achieved 13 scores during the playoffs and the SuperBowl, breaking the Montana-Rice mark of 12.

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5. That Tom Brady is the best ever
Tom Brady has struck the table, and has put on it one more list of arguments why he is and should be considered the best player in the history of the NFL.

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  • He won his seventh championship, making him the top winner in the NFL, above any franchise.
  • He is the first player in history to play and be a champion in three different decades.
  • The second quarterback to win with two different franchises.
  • And he is the oldest player to win a Super Bowl (surpassing his own record).

There are those who already place him as one of the best athletes in the United States and the best of all is that his story is not over , because everything seems to indicate that he will continue to try to break other records.


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