The wait is almost over - Team round-up!
On July 28, we will be launching the all-new VIP system: NEW ERA LEAGUE

Here’s our gameplay.

- Draftees, or aspiring VIPs must submit their official accumulated receipts worth P50,000 (regular priced) at any New Era physical store starting July 9, 2022
- A New Era Staff and a Store Manager will validate and double check the receipts submitted
- Once validation of the receipts is done, the New Era Staff or Store Manager will ask for the draftee’s contact details
- The draftee will receive a confirmation email within 2-3 days for further instructions on how to fully register
- Once fully registered, a waitlist reference number will be sent via email
- The steps indicated via email should be completed and followed by the Draftee in order to be part of the New Era VIP system
- The Draftee will receive an email once their account has been activated (1) day after official launch

- Draftees must compile their order numbers from Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and worth P50,000 (regular priced) of accumulated receipts
- The New Era online team will validate and double check the purchases
- Accumulated online purchases should be under the name of (1) person only. Combining the online purchases with another person will not be acknowledged
- Once validation of the purchases is done, the Draftee will receive an email and will automatically be included in the waitlist
- The steps needed should be completed and followed by the Draftee in order to be part of the New Era VIP system
- Combined receipts from physical and online purchases may be sent to with the subject: NEW ERA LEAGUE DRAFTEE

- All New Era Cap Philippines VIPs are required to have a online account with an active email address and cellphone number as part of the digital system upgrade
- You may register for an online account at
- By July 13, 2022, VIPs with changes in their personal information (change of address, new mobile number, etc.) must send us an email at
with the subject: VIP INFO CHANGE
- VIPs with no online accounts will not be able to receive any perks
- VIPs with outdated information may not receive updates or may experience delays in the upgrade.




- If I’ m an existing VIP card holder, do I have to collect receipts or register again?

All active VIP members, with at least (1) transaction from January 1, 2021 to December 1, 2021, who comply with our Team House Rules , will automatically be part of the new VIP system.

- What receipts are still valid?

Collection of receipts will still be honored during the downtime. Receipts date from January 1, 2021 up to July 26, 2022 are still considered valid – to be applied to the new system’s rules.

Draftees must send their receipts on or before July 27,2022

If I already accumulated P50,000 worth of regular-priced receipts before the launch of the new system, can I become a member already and start using my perks?

- Once you accumulated P50,000 worth of regular priced receipts and submitted your full details, you will be waitlisted. You will receive a notification (1) week before the actual launch date and the day of your membership activation.

Can I still use my existing New Era VIP Card?

- Yes. You may still use your VIP discount privilege until July 27, 2022.

What if my VIP membership expires before July 2022?

- All expiring VIP cards before July 27, 2022 will automatically be renewed for FREE.


For further questions or concerns, feel free to send an email at

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