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Uniting Heritage and Style: The Manix Abrera x New Era Cap Philippines Independence Day Collection

New Era Cap Philippines has always been at the forefront of blending contemporary style with cultural heritage. This Independence Day 2024, we proudly launched a groundbreaking collaboration with one of the Philippines' most iconic comic artists, Manix Abrera. This limited-edition collection not only honored our nation’s freedom but also paid tribute to our rich cultural tapestry through the unique lens of Abrera’s artistic genius.

A Legacy of Style: New Era Cap Philippines

New Era Cap Philippines has been redefining headwear fashion since its inception, providing high-quality caps that blend global trends with local pride. Known for their premium craftsmanship and innovative designs, New Era Caps have become a staple in every Filipino's wardrobe, embodying a perfect mix of style, comfort, and individuality.

Meet Manix Abrera: The Comic Maestro

Manuel “Manix" Abrera is a trailblazer in the world of Filipino comics and the first comic artist to collaborate with New Era Philippines. A three-time National Book Awardee, Manix is the creative force behind the beloved "Kikomachine Komix '' in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the weekly webcomic "News Hardcore" on GMA News Online. His work resonates deeply with Filipinos, offering a satirical and humorous take on daily life and current events.

Manix Abrera

Manix's creative journey spans across various mediums, including silent comics like "12" and "14," and extends to international platforms with contributions to DC Entertainment, BOOM! Studios, and Image Comics. Notably, his work includes cover art for Batman comics, showcasing his ability to bridge local and global artistic landscapes.

A unique aspect of Manix's work is his fascination with the anting-anting—a Filipino amulet believed to bring protection and prosperity. The Agimat, also known as Anting or Anting-anting, is a Filipino term for amulet or charm, part of a system of magic and sorcery believed to work only for those with pure hearts. This cultural element adds a personal and distinctive touch to his art, stemming from his and his mother's deep interest in these talismans. His mother's fascination with anting-anting was so profound that it became the subject of her Master's thesis. Manix's integration of these symbols into his artwork not only pays homage to his roots but also introduces a piece of Filipino culture to a broader audience. This personal connection to the anting-anting infuses his art with deep cultural significance, making each piece not only visually appealing but also rich in heritage and meaning.

The Manix Abrera Collection: A Fusion of Art and Heritage

The Manix Abrera x New Era Cap Philippines collection is a vibrant celebration of Philippine Independence. Featuring the iconic 59FIFTY, 9FIFTY, 39THIRTY caps, and a striking tee, each piece in the collection is adorned with Abrera’s distinctive illustrations and cultural motifs.

New Era X Manix Abrera Anting-Anting Independence Day 2024 Black 59FIFTY Fitted Cap (PH EXCLUSIVE)

59FIFTY Cap: This all-black cap with a red undervisor showcases an all-over design of various anting-anting symbols. The front panel features a metal badge of the anting-anting, with script in Baybayin surrounding it, symbolizing spirit, honor, mystery, hope, mind, and heart.

New Era X Manix Abrera Comic All Over Independence Day 2024 Black 9FIFTY Adjustable Snapback Cap (PH EXCLUSIVE)

9FIFTY Cap: Also in black, with a blue undervisor, this cap features an all-over embroidery of characters singing a phrase from the Philippine National Anthem. The undervisor boasts a comic-style "Rak en Rol" motif.

New Era X Manix Abrera Independence Day 2024 Kalayaan Baybayin Two Tone Chrome White Royal Blue 39THIRTY Stretch Fit Cap (PH EXCLUSIVE)

39THIRTY Cap: A two-tone cap in chrome and blue, with "Kalayaan" (freedom) in Baybayin on the front panel. Playful graphics adorn the sides, including a Philippine flag and a speech bubble saying "Mwah". The undervisor includes another of Abrera’s catchphrases, “Hardcore!” in a comic art style.

New Era X Manix Abrera Independence Day 2024 Chrome White Short Sleeve T-Shirt (PH EXCLUSIVE)

Tee: Tying the collection together, the tee features puff prints and glow-in-the-dark elements, showcasing the diverse graphics from the caps, including Baybayin script and anting-anting symbols.

Exclusive Meet and Greet Events

To celebrate the launch, New Era Cap Philippines hosted exclusive meet and greet events with Manix Abrera on June 11 at Trinoma and June 12 at SM Aura. These events offered fans a unique opportunity to engage with the artist, having their Manix Abrera materials and merchandise personally signed by him. The atmosphere was electric as fans lined up to meet their comic hero and acquire exclusive memorabilia.

The first 100 customers at each event were rewarded with special sticker packs, while VIP attendees received an additional pack of stickers, making their experience even more memorable. Each purchase during the event also included a raffle entry, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the celebration. The raffle gave attendees the chance to win exclusive items from the collection, further enhancing the thrill of the launch.

The meet and greet events not only provided fans with unforgettable moments but also highlighted the deep connection between New Era Cap Philippines, Manix Abrera, and the vibrant Filipino community. This celebration was a testament to the powerful blend of fashion, art, and cultural pride, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between New Era and one of the Philippines' most iconic artists.

The Manix Abrera x New Era collection is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a tribute to Filipino culture, creativity, and independence. As we wear these pieces, we celebrate our heritage and the incredible artistry of Manix Abrera. Don’t miss out on this limited-edition collection that beautifully merges tradition with modern flair. Grab yours and wear your pride today!


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