New Era Beanies for Any Style and Season

There is never a wrong time to wear beanies. Described as a head-hugging brimless cap to provide warmth for cold days, the beanies of today are designed to suit your individual style, no matter the season. Yes, even in our country where the climate is literally hot or cold, a simple beanie cap can be that perfect piece to complete a casual yet fashionable look.

So how exactly do you pull off a beanie cap, even in the summer? The key comes in subtlety. Whether the sun is out in full bloom or a cold front is approaching, sticking with plain and neutral colors is your best bet. Beanies in earth tones and green shades, for example, work well with classic wardrobe choices, basic outfits and loud prints.

Whatever the season, you can never go wrong by simply matching the shade of your beanie cap with the rest of your outfit. In between seasons, layering is a good option that will allow you freedom to experiment with matching outfits to your chosen beanie.

New Era PH recently launched a line of knitted navy beanies that will match your style and the current weather. Easily packable and reversible, beanies are designed for the user’s fashion needs and convenience. Models are fitted with a tab in support of your favorite baseball teams, including the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees.

Catch this exclusive beanie cap line at any New Era branch near you, or online! Contact us at (02) 470-7155 for more information.


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