Chicago Bulls NBA Washed Black Bucket Hat

SKU: 03343162

PHP 2,595.00

New Era Brown Ivory Knit Bucket Hat

SKU: 01343950

PHP 2,295.00

New Era Earth Day Black Bucket Hat

SKU: 01344001

PHP 3,695.00

New Era Earth Day Khaki Bucket Hat

SKU: 01344000

PHP 3,695.00

New Era Festival Floral White Bucket Hat

SKU: 01343953

PHP 2,595.00

New Era Flame Black Bucket Hat

SKU: 01343308

PHP 2,595.00

New Era Brings 90s Back with Bucket Caps

From the streets to the runway, the bucket cap is back on trend, and bigger than ever before! Both stylish and edgy, this 90s staple is the very definition of hip-hop culture and through the years has successfully transitioned from pop culture then to mainstream fashion now.

Bucket Cap is an ageless way to stay fashionable and sophisticated in any setting. Bucket Caps are casual hats that can be worn all year long to keep you cool in the sun and dry in the rain. It has a wide edge and brim and other features like eyelets, wild graphic prints, and adjustable chin straps which make bucket hats a must have staple in any closet. This will fit effortlessly with people who loves adventures and travels. You can walk into the woods or run onto the beach.

Bucket Cap was considered as a high fashion item during the 60s with succeeding restorations in the street fashion. Sometimes it is also called as the “session hat’’ which is likened by fans of musicians and worn through gigs and concerts.

Come check out a collection of bucket caps from New Era PH ideal for any lifestyle and everyday wear. Each model is perfect for wearing all year round, with caps designed to keep you cool and shield you from the sun, and at the same time keep you dry during rainy seasons. A variety of styles are available, from plain and plaid to floral and camouflage prints.

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