NEW ERA MLB WOMEN Collection in American Street Style

New Era, the leading fashion and lifestyle since 1920 releases the MLB WOMEN headwear and apparel collections - make a strong comeback, presenting street culture in neutral tones and classic prints, and bringing you a number of trending and refreshing new looks.

Cold weather calls for winter basics, simple neutral colors quickly take over the wardrobes and the streets. Taking hint from the rising needs, New Era is also releasing simply chic collections. The minimalist MLB WOMEN collection brings three hat silhouettes – 9TWENTY SMALL designed specifically for women, cool Bucket Hat,  trendy MLB Women tees, and the wintery CUFF BEANIE.

Among which is the 9TWENTY SMALL silhouette in classic neutral tones. All headwear pieces are embroidered with team logo in the front, MLB league logo on the right brim, and are ready to level up various looks!

To enliven your winter wardrobe with versatile accessories, CUFF BEANIE is released in black and blush this season, so that you get to top off any cool-girl winter dressing with stylish beanies.

The cult-favorite bucket hat comes with a distinctive MLB team logo and a timeless neutral color.
The best part is it is perfectly designed for Women, and easy to mix and match with any casual to streetwear looks.

The MLB WOMEN collection is also available in ivory, blush, black and khaki cotton t-shirts, with a special cutting for women that accentuates the waistline, and reveals personal charm. The front is blazoned with an oversized MLB logo, along the total number each team has won the championship. The pared-back-basic design is genderless and versatile, worthy of a space in the winter closet as a seasonal staple. The collection also comes with black and light gray joggers to add more dynamics to the outfits.

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