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New Era Cap Philippines Introduces Key Fobs to Support Sustainability

Brace yourselves for the latest buzz from New Era Cap Philippines that's set to level up your street style shopping game. We’ve come up with a new way to help eliminate paper waste and lessen our carbon footprint as a brand.

The New Era Key Fobs: The Functional Accessory

Key Fobs: Your Gateway to Style and Convenience

Behind us are the days of fumbling through wallets or phone apps to make payments. New Era'ss Key Fobs are here to serve as your prepaid card wallet which will streamline your shopping experience, making it as smooth as sporting your favorite snapback.

Here's how it works:

1. Load Up: Key fobs are up for grabs both in-store and online with an initial load of P500 or P1000.

2. Need a higher load or want to top up? No worries! Just swing by any New Era physical store, and we'll hook you up.

3. Reuse and Reload: These key fobs are your trusty sidekicks. Once loaded, you can reuse and reload them at any of our physical retail outlets.

4. While you're out flaunting your style, remember that the key fobs can only be used for purchases in our physical stores.

5. The value you load onto your key fob is as good as cash and has no expiry date, ensuring you're always ready to make a stylish splash.

6. Stay Active: Unused key fobs after 12 months will be deactivated, but don't sweat it. Your remaining balance stays intact, and reactivation is as simple as popping into any New Era physical retail store – no hassle, no extra charges.

Style Safeguard: Your Key Fob, Your Security

We've got your back when it comes to keeping your style investments safe and secure. Here's what you need to know:

1. Register: Secure your account by registering your key fob. This step ensures that you're covered in case of loss, damage, or misplacement.

2. Upon registration, you'll receive your unique key fob ID number, make sure to keep note of this to manage your load and transfers securely.

3. Lost and Found: In the unfortunate event of a lost key fob, you can opt to get a new one with a minimum load of P500. For transfer of remaining balance, here’s what to do:

- Email us at neweracapphstore@gmail.com with your Name, Lost key fob ID number, and New key fob ID number.

- Wait for our confirmation. We'll review your case within 1-2 business days.

- Your transferred balance details will be sent to you via email and you can use your key fob again.


Remember, you can register your key fob anytime at any New Era physical store, ensuring your transactions remains smooth and secure. While we've got your back on security measures, do note that New Era Cap Philippines is not responsible for the loaded value of the missing key fob if unregistered.

Thank you for supporting our sustainable efforts!


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