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NEW ERA Responds to April 22 Earth Day with a Dedicated Collection

NEW ERA Responds to April 22 Earth Day with a Dedicated Collection
Lead a Green Way of Styling, Push Sustainable Fashion to the

New Era, American headwear brand leading fashion and lifestyle since 1920, responds to April 22 Earth Day with EARTH DAY collection, releasing a variety of headwear, apparel and accessories for adults made entirely from recycled nylon. Merging playfully the brand’s rectangular logo with the globe icon, to declare love and respect towards the Earth, as well as to introduce a sense of preservation into everyday fashion styling.

Earth Day is an annual event held internationally to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Gaining support first amongst American colleges, the event began to bloom across the globe in the 90s. Now, major brands actively promote environmental protection and put ideas into practice in different capacities. This year, New Era continues to respond to the call with an EARTH DAY collection, supporting discourses in environmental preservation through fashion.

NEW ERA EARTH DAY collection items are made from recycled nylon material, presenting EARTH DAY and CORDURA RE COR collections. The former offers 9FORTY UNST and BUCKET 01 in black and khaki, to stay on theme, the flag icon is embroidered in green threads, while the address of NEW ERA headquarter in Buffalo is embroidered on the left panel and cap tongue; the latter CORDURA RE COR collection is born from another collaboration between NEW ERA and CORDURA®, created from recycled CORDURA® material, the crossover styles are available in 9FORTY UNST, 9FORTY A-FRAME and EXPLORER silhouettes, with options in black, white, khaki and dark blue. Emblazoned with “CORDURA Fabric” in the front, the green fashion core is also shown in the details-in the corner between panels and the cap tongue is an embroidered CORDURA® logo.

Also, EARTH DAY collection offers apparel and accessories, including khaki and black shorts and t-shirts, where the theme logo is embroidered in green threads. The address of NEW ERA headquarters in Buffalo is embroidered onto the back of the t-shirts or the back pocket of the shorts. For accessories, there are backpack and coin pouch made from CORDURA® material, as well as eco shopping bags. Eco shopping bags are printed with NEW ERA word tag, the foldable design can be carried around easily, to help you avoid plastic waste. CORDURA® Backpack and coin pouch center around the NEW ERA rectangular logo and the globe graphics, staying subtle while remaining true to the green core!

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