NEW ERA RACING Collection hitting July 2023

NEW ERA RACING Collection hitting July 2023
Speeding into Street Fashion Styling
Wrap You with Intense Sensations of an Adrenaline Rush 


New Era, an American headwear brand leading fashion and lifestyle since 1920 – is a big supporter of auto racing, and an active designer of caps for popular race teams and games. Over the years, sports racing never ceases to lose its charm. As racers power the racecourse with one exciting game after another, the adrenaline rush supercharges the audience to come back for more. New Era releases NEW ERA RACING in July, a collection of 6 headwear styles and 5 apparel items that perfectly blend racing elements into fashion, celebrating the incredible speed and passion best known for the game. Put on the designs covered in classic symbols of racing to feel the thrill! Polo Tee are also introduced, allowing for both classic ensemble or playful styling!

Auto racing is a competition of speed with a long history. First emerged in France in the 19th century, the sport is now one of the most watched events in the world. New Era presents the NEW ERA RACING collection, offering 6 styles in 5 silhouettes including 9FORTY, KIDS 9FORTY, 9FIFTY, BUCKET 01 and VISOR. Iconic hues often found on race cars, like red, blue and gold, are incorporated as the base palettes. 9FORTY and KIDS 9FORTY are embroidered with a racing car logo in the front, accompanied by a mini trophy at the right bottom corner, to heighten the sense of competition. Setting the tone with a black base color, 9FIFTY and VISOR both feature a racing flag design in embroidery that cleverly spells out the word “RACING” in the front. In the back sits an embroidered golden trophy, contrasted against a pop of color presented by the closing strap. On the other hand, BUCKET 01 adopts 3D embroidering technique for the word “CHAMPIONSHIP” and “1920”, as a nod to the year New Era was established, honoring the brand’s heritage.

On top of that, NEW ERA RACING also brings five apparel items, including a white short-sleeved t-shirt for adults and children. Emblazoned with a New Era conceptual race car model with an iconic racing flag as black drop, the design is a parade of colors and a great way to let personality to shine through! The black short-sleeved t-shirt is printed with “CHAMPION” in glossy gold, and a mini trophy in the same shade, except in embroidery and placed on the sleeve. The thoughtful details reflect the brand’s leading position in street fashion. The long-sleeved pullovers are equally created with pack-a-punch designs, featuring race car-inspired, bold graphics. Made with recycled nylon materials, the pullovers are fashionable yet sustainable. The NEW ERA RACING Collection also introduces the new Polo Tee, offering you wider choices of basic garments for everyday styling.

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