Golden Dragons Heralding the New Year

Golden Dragons Heralding the New Year NEW ERA Launches
YEAR OF THE DRAGON Collection Imperial Dragon Robe as
Inspiration behind the Festive Looks

New Era, American headwear brand leading fashion and lifestyle since 1920 — To celebrate the Lunar New Year, New Era is launching NEW ERA YEAR OF THE DRAGON collection of headwear, apparel and accessories, featuring dragon as the key design motif to serve major festive vibes along trending looks for the occasion.

To herald 2024, New Era is launching YEAR OF THE DRAGON collection with a quiet luxury aesthetic. The themed embroideries draw inspiration from the nine gold-couched dragons and five-colored cloud scrolls on imperial dragon robes, while the logo in gold, reflective black or matte metallic puts the richness of Chinese culture on full display. A variety of popular headwear silhouettes are available, with an embroidered dragon head in great details proudly sitting in the front as a nod to the Chinese zodiac theme. For BUCKET 01, 9FIFTY, 9FORTY A-FRAME and 9FORTY UNST, the lining is embossed with embroideries in the same theme, the low-profile design quietly captures the essence of the dragon year. The design details add a festive touch to any outfit, so that we can enjoy boundless prosperity and joy as we soar to success under the guidance of the auspicious dragon! On top of that, KIDS 9FIFTY is also available in the collection, setting against a chic black background, the cap is embossed with the themed embroidery pattern on the body, and topped with a Yankees emblem in the front. Subtle yet showing hints of festiveness, preparing great looks for kids during New Year visits! 



In addition, YEAR OF THE DRAGON collection comes with matching apparel items. Simple styling is all it takes to create vibrant looks — a short-sleeved, black t-shirt is elevated by a pair of dragon heads playfully placed in the chest area; a short-sleeved, white t-shirt is printed with the same dragon head graphics but on the back, subtle and chic; a short-sleeved t-shirt with pocket is set in Vegas gold and black, with the themed embroidery embossed on top of the front pocket and Yankees emblem filling the back; a jacket design featuring not only a dragon head embroidery in refined details, but also a unique pattern blending NEW ERA 59FIFTY cap and flames between the pair of dragon heads, speaking volumes and adding impact! The many items are refreshing to look at, ready to compliment your new year outfits!

For accessories, the collection brings mini bags that continue to rise in popularity. In line with the theme, two dancing dragons are sewn onto the front, an auspicious sign of an all-encompassing blessing bestowing on you from head to body. Coming with two complimentary sets of detachable straps, the first is a grosgrain tape strap, designed with a thicker width, the strap is made to last. The other one is an adjustable strap, the length is easily changeable to match your different New Year outfits. Keep your red pockets and blessings safely stored in the dancing dragon pouch!

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