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 If there’s one thing about style, it’s that it never really goes away. As the song goes, “We never go out of style”. What’s trending today in pop culture may fade soon then resurface once again as a trendsetter in a different era. This kind of phenomenon is reflected in the widespread resurgence of the sporty fashion style.

This sporty style was first established way back in the 19th century but became mainstream in the 1920s with the emergence of mass production in women’s wear. Today, sporty fashion has saturated the feeds of celebrities, influencers and even other social media users. It has also become a part of streetwear clothing that is apparent in people who love to go out and about.

There are many indicators if a person has a proclivity in sporty fashion. These are people who love natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool and stretchable fabrics. They can also be identified through the muted neutrals and primary colors of their clothes and have fashion staples that are easy fit and simple in shape like boot cut denim and caps for women.

If you want to revamp your style this year and shift to a sportier fashion style but are a little worried on how to dress sporty but classy, fret not! Here are some tips on how to pull off that sporty fashion style this 2022.

Top Fresh Outfit Ideas for the Sporty Fashion Style

Sports Outfits for Men
Athleisure or athletic fashion is becoming more popular in the fashion lexicon, especially for men, as reflected in the high demand for sportswear in the past few years. This kind of style allows for versatility, as men can wear it not only in sports venues and gyms, but also on occasions like social gatherings, date nights and even formal meetings (as long as it is styled in the right way). Sports outfits have penetrated streetwear fashion because of their comfortability as well.

The question is: How can men exude that excellent sporty style? For starters, they can opt for a sweatshirt paired with slim pants, bucket hats for men, dark jeans and black sneakers. If they need to channel that formal vibe yet maintain that sporty look, they can just add a blazer over the top, but if they feel an urge to take their sporty style to a higher level, there is the availability of joggers and sweatpants. Offering comfort and stretchability, they have a slimmer fit and taper at the ankles. These can be paired with a graphic tee or a favorite basketball team shirt.

For every style and lifestyle, New Era introduces a new set of retro style tees and caps that are simplistic yet very cool. Check out our must-haves below:

New York Yankees MLB Shooting Star Navy Short Sleeve T-Shirt Php2,895
This all-navy tee features a big New York Yankees logo on the wearer’s middle chest part with a shooting star design trademarked by New Era / MLB and a small version of the logo at the back.

New York Yankees MLB League Essential Navy 39THIRTY Stretch Fit Cap Php2,195
Complete your look by pairing the NY Yankees navy tee with this black 39THIRTY cap, which shows off the NY Yankees logo embroidered at the front and center, plus the Yankees name at the back. This is made of Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex for stretch-fit comfortability.

Sports Outfits for Women

With the availability of Pinterest and a multitude of fashion inspiration on the Internet, women have been able to frequently shift their styles, making them fashion chameleons. Lately, sporty fashion styles are becoming a go-to for women. With a combination of streetwear outfits, urban aesthetic and casual wear elements like the waway cap, sporty fashion offers comfortability and fashion sensibility.

Equipped with a busy and ever-dynamic life, may it be in school, office, or even at home, women want to be ready at all times without compromising on the style department. They can put on an ensemble of track pants, yoga pants, leggings, women caps, compression tanks and other sporty pieces. During bad hair days, there are bucket hats for women that can make them look more put together, all the while keeping those stubborn frizz and flyaways hidden from sight.

When choosing sports outfits, it is also of importance that women focus on the details and the story of what they are wearing, giving emphasis to the elements that allude to an athletic, outdoor and active lifestyle. Jackets like denim, bomber, or leather can be easily layered over a sweatshirt, flannel or even a t-shirt.

Showcasing four types of tee and one pants, New Era’s MLB Women’s Collection is perfect for mixing and matching with different outfits. Two types of tees are designed with the New York City logo and roses. The other two are sporting MLB team logo designs from the World Series collection, highlighting the streetwear culture in neutral tones and classic prints, with a number of trending and refreshing new looks. To further boost a youthful and vibrant look, the pants come in slim cut fit in black with Yankees logo embroidered alongside their team wordmark to the right leg.

New Era New York Rose Blush Sky Women Short Sleeves T-Shirt Php2,795
New Era New York Rose White Women Short Sleeves T-Shirt Php2,795
Various rose graphics have been incorporated in this collection to create cute and feminine designs. Rendered in blush sky, a “NYC” wordmark is perfectly fused with rose buds on the chest. Made from 220GSM Cotton.
Boston Red Sox MLB Women World Series Champions Khaki Short Sleeve T-Shirt Php2,795
Los Angeles Dodgers MLB Women World Series Champions Blush Sky Short Sleeve T-Shirt Php2,795
Highlighting the streetwear culture in neutral tones and classic prints, with a number of trending and refreshing new looks. The design boasts an enlarged MLB logo and the script of the total number of World Series Championships won by the corresponding team on the chest.

New York Yankees MLB Women Black Slim Cut Pants Php3,995
Featuring a Slim Cut Pants for women, rendered in black the design boasts a Yankees logo embroidered alongside their team wordmark to the right leg. This is made from 330GSM French Terry.

Sports Outfits for Students/Varsity Students

Students are known to be one of the most active age groups when it comes to sports. This is due to the fact that they have sport subjects, extra-curricular activities or just pure hobbies centered around sports. Apart from being essential during such activities, sports outfits can also be worn as a fashion statement, specifically to show support to their schools and universities.

Students and varsity students can pair their regular school uniforms with a jersey sweater, jean jacket or sneakers. To compliment that kind of style, they can accessorize it with pearl studs, waway hats and fitness watches for girls and sports watches and streetwear caps for guys. Fitted sweaters are a great addition as well. There are also simple ways for students and varsity students alike to stick to the usual athletic shorts, sneakers and t-shirts that represent and advertise sport teams.

Staying true to its core, New Era introduces new lines of caps and apparel that is perfect for anyone who likes to keep it simple but at the same time add a little wow factor to their style. This collection boasts tees and caps in minimalist designs to make them easy to match with any outfit, accessory or occasion.

New York Yankees MLB White Logo Navy 9FORTY D-Frame Snapback Cap Php2,195
The cap has an adjustable snapback style that allows for a perfect and comfortable fit. The New Era flag is embroidered on the left side.

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Purple 9FIFTY Cap
Showing off the Lakers pride with an allover purple team color and team logo in front of the cap. This is a snapback cap adjustable at one size that fits most head sizes.

San Francisco Giants MLB Collegiate Letters Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt
This all-black tee features the San Francisco Giants logo on the wearer’s left breast side with the year 1958 when the team debuted in the MLB and the word ‘Giants’ at the back with the iconic Golden Bridge of San Francisco. There’s a tag of Genuine Merchandise licensed by MLB to New Era.

Sports Outfits for Everyone

Sporty fashion style is not just limited to certain groups or subgroups. Anyone can channel their sporty vibes as long as they wear suited clothes and accessorize correctly. That is why New Era continues to offer products that reflect popular culture while seamlessly matching it with a sporty aura. These products include:

Sporty clothing comes with pros and cons just like any other form or expression of fashion style. Some of these advantages include the wicking of moisture away from the skin, preventing the unruly sight and uncomfortable feel of damp and clinging clothing. Another advantage is that sports outfits tend to be airy and loose-fitting, thus preventing chafing and irritations. is that the soft fabric protects the skin from irritation and chafing. On the other hand, sports attire may be deemed inappropriate in some occasions, especially if not styled properly.

Achieving a good harmony between athleisure and fashion begins with one sporty detail. If you feel like there’s a need to add more or maintain a minimalist approach, feel free to do so. With the advent of online shopping stores there are varieties of sporty fashion accessories one can purchase, including sports watches, bags, women’s hats and sunglasses. Yet the real question remains: Why wear sporty clothing? Well, the simple answer to that is this: You wear sporty clothing because it makes you feel good. The thing about style is, as long as you are comfortable and confident to wear it, anytime and anywhere is a perfect fashion moment.

New Era is a premier cap and clothing manufacturer in the Philippines that can help you achieve that sporty but chic style. We are your go-to when it comes to the hottest fashion and trendiest styles.

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