Bruce Lee

New Era honors the legendary Bruce Lee — whose untimely passing marked its 45th anniversary this year — with a special tribute collection, featured in a global campaign shot with Hong Kong actor and martial artist German Cheung. Trained in Wushu since he was a child, the 32-year-old Cheung also practices Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Wing Chun, and has been a cinematic action actor and stuntman since his teenage years. Inspired by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do system of martial arts, that focuses on “the art of expressing the human body” and takes a hybrid approach of fusing different disciplines, New Era’s new campaign is aptly titled, “Style of No Style.”

Renowned for his action-packed movies, mastery of martial arts, profound philosophies and poetic expressions, many facets of the iconic Bruce Lee is celebrated in the New Era collection. The headwear range features six caps and one bucket style, each designed with unique details, 59Fifty (in black), 9Fifty (in black), 9Forty (in black or white), 9twenty (in black or blue), The Bucket.