Go full-on Super Saiyan with the latest 9FIFTY caps from New Era Philippines, as inspired by one of the most beloved anime series of all time. Our earlier releases have scored over 9,000!!!! among hardcore fans, prompting us to roll a fourth batch for our Dragon Ball Z collection.

In this newest batch we center in on the epic Majin Buu saga, one of Dragon Ball Z’s major and most famous plot arcs. Inspired by the main antagonist’s iconic appearance and his many transformations, our in-brand caps come in his signature pink shade or black with hints of yellow, white and purple. Each of Majin Buu’s forms come with a different personality, and so each of our models can bring out a distinct mood and style in you.

We also got to see Gotenk’s first-ever appearance in this saga, as Goten and Trunks fuse to defeat Majin Buu. In the middle of the fight Gotenks unleashed his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, in which he creates a ghost form of himself from his ki. Our DBZ-inspired line includes a model dedicated to this ghost, which is prominently displayed front and center of the cap.

Another character to look forward to is the adorable yet very powerful Korin, an 800-year-old cat who trained Master Roshi and Goku in martial arts. We have also dedicated a cap for Korin in his anime form with his trademark cane, white fur, closed eyes and serene expression. The cap also comes in pure white.

Of course, our DBZ collection wouldn’t be complete with main hero and all-around good guy Son Goku. One of our models dedicated to him comes in black with a silhouette of Goku in fighting stance made in white. The series title is also stitched at the back panel.

All of the caps in the Dragon Ball collection has the New Era logo stitched on their left side.