The adventures of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura and friends may have come to a close after nearly 15 years on air, but the fandom is still very much alive. Relive the action and fantasy that is Naruto and unleash your inner Hokage with one of New Era PH’s latest collaboration with one of TV’s most iconic and longest-running anime series of all time.

Catch your favorite characters in action and show your fealty to your hidden village and clan with special caps exclusively dedicated to them in 9FIFTY, 9FORTY and 59FIFTY styles. Each model boasts intricate designs carefully embroidered front and center, with New Era’s logo stitched on the wearer’s left-hand side in matching color.

That’s not all. For every purchase of Naruto Snapback item, whether at our physical branches or online, New Era PH is giving away one Naruto sticker for free. This offer is up for grabs while supplies last.

One definite standout from this collection is this literally red hot and fire-embellished model tailor-suited for every aspiring Hokage. Drawing inspiration from the coat of the Hokage, which can be translated as Fire Shadow, this 9FIFTY cap features embroidered red flames around its rim and the word “Hokage” in kanji form at the back panel. Browse through our Naruto Snapback Collections here.

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