New Era Cap Pouch Black Mini Eco Tote Bag

PHP 2,995.00

A small black pouch with a built-in eco bag designed with the motif of the cap "59FIFTY", which is a standard model of NEW ERA.
The miniature size of it is perfect for multi-use, and will make you feel stylish just by wearing it.
The main body with an impressive cap-shaped design has a zipper-type opening, which can be used for everyday use by putting small items such as keys and coins as well as foldable eco-bags.
It also comes with a strap that is convenient to carry, so you can hang it on a belt loop or bag and carry it around.
Lightweight yet foldable, it has a minimalist look with a brand logo design on the front. The finish is easy to use for shopping at supermarkets and for outings.

SKU: 01122932
Category: Accessories
Color: Black
Department: New Era Brand
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