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New Era Celebrates Francis M’s Continued Legacy to Pinoy Culture


Francis Magalona, the “King of Pinoy rap,” a Pinoy pride and more.

It’s been more than a decade since his untimely passing yet, his spirit lingers up to this day. The void he left in the music industry and Pinoy culture cannot be filled by anybody, but his works significantly inspire and live on.

A wave of new and current Filipino rappers with strong expression bravely came out, bringing inspiration and entertainment to the locals and even non-locals. Pinoy hip hop fashion has also diversified and is never out of style. Undeniably, the influence of the classic artist Francis M has become immortal.

Francis M’s Legacy on Pinoy Culture


In Music/OPM

Francis M pioneered the Pinoy rap genre in the country. Beyond the gushing beats and fast rhythms, his songs on nationalism and societal issues contain thought-provoking words, that sets him apart from other artists.

We asked, “Do you think Francis M’s influence in music still lives on to this day?” Pia Magalona, his wife answered, “Maybe in his children’s music, probably, but no conscious effort from others that we see. Which is fine, since Francis’ genre evolved into social rap, you really have to have something to say, hence the blended “FrancisM,” which is political philosophy. FrancisM songs generally speak of our society and culture. We do find ways for his music to be played, as we know it is original Pilipino music, of which we should turn to and be proud.” His songs basically voice society and culture.

He broadened the Filipino hip-hop infused with rock. The combination became his greatest innovation. The “Three Stars and a Sun” for instance, that eventually regarded as a trademark of local rock and of Filipino music which is still available to this day.

A surge of Filipino rappers extends Francis M’s legacy. His influence has created stars in the industry,including Gloc-9, Bassilyo, and Abra. The number of Pinoy rappers from all parts of the country continues to grow as well.


In Pinoy Culture and advocacy

Thanks to the Master rapper the rap music was able to crossover the mainstream attention. After his groundbreaking album, Yo! with his popular songs ‘Mga Kababayan’ and “Man From Manila,” the small world of rap turned huge in the entertainment industry.

“We surmised that the Filipino is so oppressed historically, and all we really need is to stand up for ourselves and own whatever it is that we are good at”, his wife says.

Magalona’s rap has created an impact on pop cultures like art, literature, fashion, and film in the whole country.

Pia also added, “As adults, we noticed that ALL Pinoys can actually carry a tune, albeit not perfectly, but that we seem to have a built-in rhythm. We realized that almost anywhere we went, the personnel and entertainment were Filipino. We therefore concluded that putting the two together (caring for others and performing) was a great match and something we could call our own. He would carry this message throughout all his performances so Pinoys would realize this, too, and that it made a big difference to the world.”

Similar to many of his songs, like “Kaleidoscope World” prompting to stand against violence, many rappers would mix nationalism, political issues, and other brave contexts in their songs that help to spread awareness.


In Fashion

Just like his music, Magalona’s fashion depicts his brand and genre that surely echoes the rapper in him. 

Patriotic. His efforts to wear outfits with Philippine trademarks show how a proud Filipino he is.

“For Mga Kababayan, we’d just visited a province in Mindanao, wherein as a going-home present, the locals gifted us with beautiful, traditional red vests of woven fabric that had “personalized embroidery” of patterns, which we were told meant something for both me and Francis. After that, was our “discovery” of the Malong, which we had restructured into “(MC) Hammer pants,” and put together with the red vest, and that became the iconic “Mga Kababayan” official costume,” Pia remembered.

Unique. The style of Francis M is a combination of traditional hip-hop garb and rock fashion of the 90s.

During an interview, his wife said, “As we learned more about our local culture, we incorporated this in the material we used to make the outfits we’d come up with. Francis and I would collborate on the style, and I’d buy the material and have it sewn by our neighborhood “modistas.”

Expression. His strong self-expression does not only manifest in his music but in his clothes and style as well.

“We both grew up in an era and maybe even an area of society that had a dress code for all occasions, from casual to formal. Francis’ dad, the legendary Pancho Magalona, was big on proper attire and would not hesitate to call you out if you had so much as a crooked necktie on. Francis had so much respect for his dad, yet he also yearned to be able to express himself, especially when the times were changing. They had a very big age gap between them. In short, Francis looked good in anything he wore, because of this.Ironically, he ended up getting tatoos and trying to hide them from his dad, but he eventually caught on. In his panic, Francis told Pancho that the body art was just “iron-ons!” Later on, Francis wrote “Old Man” as tribute to his father,” Pia recalled.

Celebrating Francis M’s Legacy with New Era

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