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SPORT b. x New Era Return with Another Crossover in 2024

SPORT b. x New Era Return with Another Crossover in 2024
Dino Embroidery and Brand Logo Bring the Quintessential Effortless
French Elegance to New Era

Last year, French fashion label SPORT b. joined forces with American headwear New Era for the first time. Its marriage of effortless French elegance with urban American style became an instant hit. This year, the two brands come together once again to launch a limited-edition collection consisting of 9FORTY and BUCKET hat silhouettes in casual fashion aesthetics. The bestselling classics of New Era are embellished with the SPORT b. Dino embroidery and brand logo. Their sleek styles, comfortable frames and practicality are set to redefine Spring/Summer fashion looks!

The new SPORT b. x New Era 2024 limited-edition crossover collection will be available for pre-order from January 17 on SPORT b. and New Era online shops, followed by the release of a limited quantity for sale at all SPORT b. and New Era boutiques from January 24. 

New Era 9FORTY adorned with signature Dino embroidery for a sweet and chic look

The classic bestsellers 9FORTY in the SPORT b. x New Era collection both reveal a dinosaur embroidery in the front. Well-designed and expertly executed, the classic Dino is framed with two-tone double linings for a simple and playful look; the logos of SPORT b. and New Era, meanwhile, are embossed onto the side panel as a subtle fashion statement. Crafted in fine details that uphold the brands’ renowned high standards, the streamlined curves of the caps accentuate the wearer’s facial features. On the back is a strap with a metal buckle for easy size adjustments to cater to different head shapes. The 9FORTY in the crossover collection is offered in black, navy, dapple purple and pebble colorways, opening up many ways to accessorize and create street fashion ensembles! The all-new 9FORTY collection comes with styles and sizes for toddlers, children and teenagers in an eye-catching shade of red!

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