Go Comfy Outdoors with Street Style Loungewear

Comfy trends started out as something to look forward to while staying home, and cozy pieces have now become everyday staples. People enjoy dressing up to go to the office or just wanting to keep it casual, but still opting for comfortable everyday essentials at the same time.

While people often like to invest in extravagant pieces, one's wardrobe has changed to more comfortable clothes as a priority. With loungewear trends, relaxed pieces the fashion set has been wearing recently and have compared their outfits to what's new on the market. There are lots of comfortable fashion trends—from loose graphic shirts inspired by the Hypebeast outfit.

The loungewear in the Philippines is good news for people who seek comfort in fashion. And with this ongoing trend, it’s possible to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. Loungewear is casual attire that makes you feel highly comfortable while keeping an appropriate look.


Rain or shine, chill and enjoy the outdoors with your favorite hobbies.

Through New Era’s REPREVE® Bucket Hat, renowned for its ability to fuse innovative design with performance and quality. The entire bucket hat is made of high-quality fibers from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste.

Make a difference as you care for the earth with this stylish bucket hat.

Easy to mix and match! Pair a graphic tee from the capsule collaboration with one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time <Where the Wild Things Are> with a Walnut Bucket Hat.

This New Era Bucket Hat boasts an exquisitely embroidered crown at the front and an embroidered wordmark of “Where The Wild Things are” to the wearer’s right.

As a fashion statement, bucket hats have also got your back on those days where your hair is just not cooperating. Put on this trendy bucket hat, and you’ll get an effortlessly cool look.


Wearing a snapback cap also allows you to express your unique style. Have a favorite sports team, from the NBA, MLB or NFL? Or maybe you like to show off what you feel? Opting for a New Era 9FIFTY Cap allows you to show off all of these things.

This streetwear favorite helps elevate your style and make a good statement piece. If you’re wearing an outfit that you think is missing a little something, adding a headwear can make it more stylish.


Express your mood with a comfortable cotton 9FORTY Unstructured Cap. This casual cool silhouette makes your street fashion look stand out. With subtle yet versatile color palette, minimalistic designs, cute graphics indicating current moods, the collections are full of playfulness.


Whether you are a fan of fishing or simply interested in sustainable fashion pieces, New Era has a wide range of headwear designs to choose from.
With the New Era Fishing Club 9FORTY Cap - you will surely turn heads with its casual cool feel and laidback adjustable design.

In addition, the REPREVE also comes in a Dark Royal 9FORTY Cap. While in style, you are part of New Era’s conscious effort to care for the environment.

As loungewear fashion at the forefront, it looks like the trend is not going to stop anytime soon. And why not as this gives you the freedom to wear your oversized clothes while stepping out? You can add a twist to your outfit for a night out with friends or dress down for a meeting in a coffee shop.

Bucket hats and adjustable 9FORTY caps are more than a statement piece! Owing to its versatility, comfort, functionality, and style, these staple head crowns have been embraced by many, including the outdoorsy and streetwear outgoers, making a huge impact in each person’s daily life.

New Era’s official collection of essential caps lets you wander with comfort and style anytime, anywhere. See the full collection of New Era bucket hats HERE.

Check out New Era’s official online store or drop by the nearest New Era’s physical store!

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