Aristotle Pollisco, known as Gloc-9, is one of the best Filipino rappers of all-time, and a renowned trailblazer in the Filipino hip-hop scene. He is recognized for his fast-flowing vocal style and nationalistic rap songs in the Philippines.


Rising despite the Lockdown

The multi-awarded rapper is also one of the many celebrities who launched an online business amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Along with selling his special fried chicken, he also shared the recipe through a rap song.


He emphasized that there is nothing to be ashamed of in selling goods online after a fan told him that it does not suit him.

Other than that, he also became active in YouTube through his own Youtube channel, wherein he reached 500k subscribers and received a silver play button award.

As a way to give back, he also gave free online class on song writing to his fans. Focused on his passion for music and act of charity, he participated in Bayanihan Musikahan, an Original Pinoy Music (OPM) online fundraising concert for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) relief.

The pandemic did not stop Gloc 9 for his passion, and even releases a new song almost every month from the start of the lockdown.

Following the success of his first ever collection with New Era Cap Philippines last June 2018, Gloc-9 also released his second New Era collection which showcases his love and pledge for Filipino music.


 Along with that he also held his first ever New Era Live concert.




 Awards despite the Pandemic

The iconic rapper is also among the country's top musicians who were recently recognized at the SUDI Awards by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). The SUDI Awards recognizes the most outstanding achievements of 20 musicians who have defined the past decades.

Gloc-9 was also awarded as Wish Artist of the Year, and as the Wish Hip-hop Song of the Year for "ABAKADA" featuring Mark Beats.


A New Digital Album


He has released his songs through various digital platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Furthermore, the love month has ignited the fires of inspiration in our favorite MAKATA wherein he came out with a six track Valentine’s album entitled "Poot at Pag-ibig"

The album is a Valentine’s anthology to love, romanticizing stories of a dying love, love for your dream, a partner’s longing, a selfish love, and life’s harsh realities often devoid of love.


An Inspiration for all Striving Filipinos

Pinoy hip-hop icon Gloc-9 also had some words of encouragement for fellow Filipinos who have been struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the many other issues hounding the country.

While admitting that he himself is afraid, Gloc-9 urged the public to keep fighting to survive and that it is okay to show fear during these dire times.

He also urged his fellow citizens to continue with their lives despites the trials, and to bounce back stronger in life.


As a brand thriving for inspiration, innovation and self-expression, New Era Cap Philippines is proud to have Gloc-9 as part of the family since he goes well with the brand to fuel the nation’s love and passion for nationalistic artistry. He truly is a "FIT FOR GLORY" - TRIUMPHANT IN CIRCUMSTANCES IN THE MOST AUTHENTIC WAY.


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