Star Wars Caps

The modern-day Star Wars films have once again caught the world by storm, sparking nostalgia and the imaginations of both new and long-time fans of one of Hollywood’s most enduring and beloved franchise. Whether you’ve been a faithful fan of the space saga since A New Hope or a fresh explorer of this galaxy far, far away, there’s no better way to geek out and show off your love for the fandom than with these exclusive Star Wars caps and Star Wars snapbacks from New Era!

Still reeling from the saga’s Solo spin-off early this year, New Era’s Star Wars collection pays tribute to everyone’s favorite space cowboy. The collection features Han Solo-centric elements, including the Kessel Run. One model in tan is embossed with the Millennium Falcon, which is shown encircling the Star Wars logo at the front. A silhouette of the rogue with his signature blaster is also embroidered on the right-side wear of the cap.

It’s never too late to relive the cinematic masterpiece that is the Star Wars franchise. New Era’s collection offers designs inspired by the original trilogy films, particularly A New Hope that first marked the beginning of a critically acclaimed saga. Models also bear retro styles and iconic characters the likes of Darth Vader and Yoda.

For fans of the current trilogies and the spin-off A Rogue One, limited special-edition caps are available as well. New Era Caps offers Star Wars Caps and Star Wars Snapbacks, go to your nearest New Era branch or online.

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